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Outpost is simple team email management software that helps everyone work better together.

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Prevent ‘lost’ emails with assignments

Assigning Emails

Prevent ‘lost’ emails with assignments

The problem: Urgent emails seem to get lost, overlooked or even deleted by accident.

Outpost's solution: Assign new messages to specific team members, so everyone knows what emails they are responsible for. Outpost can even assign incoming emails automatically, based on the routing rules you create. That way, you won't have to waste time on repetitive tasks.

Get alerts to avoid duplicated work

Alerts to avoid duplicated work

Get alerts to avoid duplicated work

The problem: Your team members reply to email inquiries that have already received a response.

Outpost's solution: See in real–time when a teammate is already working on a reply. This prevents two people from responding to the same message. Team members can also see who has been assigned to certain emails, so it's always clear who is responsible for delivering the reply.

Loop in teammates to cut email clutter

Internal notes

Loop in teammates to cut email clutter

The problem: Inboxes get swamped with FWDs and BCCs from other team members.

Outpost's solution: Need advice before writing a response? Or feedback on a draft email? Loop in co–workers and share comments using internal notes that are only visible to your team. It's a heck of a lot quicker than sending emails about emails.

Boost response times with email insights

Email insights

Boost response times with email insights

The problem: Customers not getting the speedy service they deserve.

Outpost's solution: Knowledge is power — especially when it comes to email management. With Outpost, you can track email response times, use analytics to uncover bottlenecks and see at–a–glance who is responsible for each message. That way, you'll know exactly how to help your team respond to emails quickly and efficiently.

Eliminate busy work by using routing rules

Routing rules

Eliminate busy work by using routing rules

The problem: Answering frequently asked questions or FWDing emails to other people drains your team's time.

Outpost's solution: Cut out the grunt work by putting your inbox on auto–pilot. Just tell Outpost to automatically archive, assign or reply with a template to certain incoming emails. These routing rules mean everyone can spend less time managing their inboxes and more time getting stuff done.

The simplest, most affordable email management tool for teams

Lightweight tool

Lightweight software that anyone can use

Other “collaboration” tools are jammed with complicated features and integrations that most small teams won't bother with. Outpost is different. It focuses on email and only email, which makes it a simple and intuitive tool that takes just minutes to learn.

All features one price

Full access for one low fee

Outpost doesn't hold anything back. For just $14.95 per user per month, you get access to every feature — from assignments and templates to analytics – without ever having to upgrade to a more expensive plan. No hidden costs. No surprises.

Real help every step

Live onboarding call for faster setup

Outpost is the only email management tool that gives you a live onboarding call the moment you sign up. A real–life person will walk you through how to setup your account, answer any questions you have and ensure that you're 100% happy with everything.