The inbox that helps small
teams close more deals.

Organize all your inbound sales emails
without a complicated CRM.

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Straightforward features for building strong relationships



Keep everyone on
the same page

Assign email leads or pre-sales questions to specific teammates, so everyone knows what they're responsible for.

Internal notes

Internal Notes

Ensure every email is
accurate and on-point

Get input on a proposal or double-check facts by sharing draft emails with your team. Discuss the message behind the scenes before hitting send.



Handle pre-sales
questions in seconds

Create a library of saved template responses, so your team can answer common questions with a few clicks. It's an easy way to save time while keeping everyone on-message.

Email routing rules

Email Routing Rules

Automatically assign emails to the right salesperson

Save time and keep your sales team focused on closing deals. In Outpost, you can automatically reply to general inquiries, assign emails to your sales team, and archive emails that don't need attention. Stay focused on your prospects and clients, and let Outpost manage the rest.



Save client information in one place

Save your client email addresses, phone numbers, company names, and important notes across all mailboxes and teams. Keep their contact information updated and easy to find for everyone, without logging into another tool.

Analytics & reporting

Analytics & Reporting

Key insights to outperform your competition

Outpost will help you track and improve email response times, giving you an edge over slower competitors. Our analytics dashboard will show team performance and uncover trends to help you respond more quickly—leading to increased sales.

Other Outpost tools that keep deals moving

All-in-one inbox

Stay organized by accessing every shared email account in a single inbox.

Collision alerts

See in real-time when a team member is already responding to an email.

Mobile app

On the go? Stay in sync with your team, and reply to client emails from anywhere.

Advanced search

Quickly find conversations from prospects or clients, without having to switch mailboxes.

See how a simplified shared inbox
helps every aspect of your business