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Wayne Kaminsky, FitChef CEO
Wayne Kaminsky, FitChef CEO
After seriously battling to find software to help us, I tried Outpost and it works perfectly! It's very simple and a breeze to set up… unlike many other overly-complex systems that I tried.

- Wayne Kaminsky, FitChef CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my whole team need to be on Outpost?

Outpost works best when teams use it together. If someone on your team is involved in managing or monitoring emails in a shared mailbox, then they will benefit from the collaborative features of Outpost, and should be added.

How do I connect my email to Outpost?

Outpost works with your current email set up. You can connect any mailbox from any email provider—or even create a new email address (no IT required!).

Integrated support for Gmail / G Suite and Office 365 will help you connect in seconds. If you use another provider, a simple email forwarding setup will get you started in 2 minutes or less.

Will Outpost show my full email history?

Yes—if you connect Gmail or Office 365, Outpost will import every email, except messages in your trash and spam folders. If you're using a mail forwarding setup however, only new messages will come in once you're connected.

Can I really access all features for one price?

Yes! Outpost has one simple pricing plan that gives your team access to everything. No limits or hidden charges. You can even access all of the features during your free trial. No surprises. No expensive upgrades.

How does the free trial work?

You don't need a credit card to try Outpost. During your free trial, you'll have access to all of Outpost's features. If you don't love Outpost, your account will automatically be cancelled after the first 14 days.

Does Outpost have a user limit?

No. Outpost has no user minimums, and we won't force you into a more expensive package if you want to add a lot of users. You'll continue to pay the same monthly price per user, whether you're a team of 2 or 200. No upgrades required.

Does Outpost have a mailbox limit?

No. You can connect an unlimited number of mailboxes, from any provider. Connect your Gmail, Office 365, GoDaddy, or any other mailbox to see everything all in one place. The more the merrier, with no extra charges.

Does Outpost have a storage limit?

No. If you connect Gmail or Office 365, their storage limits may still apply, but Outpost doesn't limit how much email you can store and you won't be charged extra for storage.