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Businesses choose Outpost when basic email isn't
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Assign emails for
more efficiency

Assign support requests to specific team members, so everyone knows which emails they're responsible for. No more missed messages or confusion around who's doing what.



Answer FAQs with
a couple clicks

Tackle common questions in seconds by using saved template responses. This frees up your team to focus on those trickier customer support emails.

Internal notes

Internal Notes

Deliver the best response
by looping in coworkers

Have a complex or technical support request? Loop in teammates with the right expertise, swap comments behind-the-scenes, and then send the most helpful, thorough response possible.

Email routing rules

Email Routing Rules

Automatically organize your inbox to keep your team focused

You can automatically reply with a template so your customers know their message has been received. You can also automatically tag, assign, archive, or delete emails. Help your team stay focused on delivering great service, and let Outpost organize the rest.



Save customer information in one place

Save your customer email addresses, phone numbers, company names, and important notes across all mailboxes and teams. Keep customer contact information updated and easy to find for everyone, without logging into another tool.

Analytics & reporting

Analytics & Reporting

Get key insights
to improve response times

Are your customers waiting to hear from you? With Outpost, you can track email response times by mailbox, user, and date. Use Outpost's analytics to be more productive—and provide quicker customer support.

Collision alerts

Collision Alerts

Avoid duplicated work

See in real-time when a team member is already responding to an email. This prevents two people from replying to the same message (and potentially sending conflicting advice).

Other practical features your team will actually use

Stay organized

A simple, user-friendly dashboard to work in-with tags to keep messages organized.

Mobile app

On the go? Stay in sync with your team, and reply to customer emails from anywhere.

Email alerts

Create customized email digests to stay up-to-date and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Advanced search

Find important messages from customers in your inbox or archives, no matter what mailbox they're in.

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