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The Outpost blog shares actionable tips on providing excellent customer service, and developing strong teams and effective leaders as businesses grow.

What we’re looking for from you and your writing:

  • Expertise. You are the expert on your topic and your writing subtly proves it. If you’re not the expert, you reach out to one directly to leverage their expertise. You source and give credit for ideas and statistics that aren’t your own.
  • Solid writing. You can craft an interesting, well-organized argument and back it up with data and personal anecdotes. Your take on the subject is surprising and refreshing—it’s not the typical, generic, run-of-the-mill advice on a topic.
  • An educational aim. Your article should providing useful and tested information and advice. We’re not a platform for marketing products or services. We don’t allow spammy backlinks (such as linking keywords like “time management software” to your website that sells a productivity solution) and we won’t allow any blatant advertising. We would be happy to link to your company website in your author bio.
  • You know who you’re talking to. Our readers are small- and medium-sized business owners and their teams. Your advice should be useful both to managers and to people who are early in their careers who are looking for ways to grow and be more effective in their roles.
  • The right voice and tone. Our readers are smart. We want even the most serious, high stakes topics to feel straightforward and approachable. Our voice is human and friendly, and we keep our language plain and simple. We strive to be informal and positive, but also authoritative.

We love to get pitches on:

  • Customer service best practices
  • Productivity as it relates to customer service
  • Building effective, empowered, and well-trained employees
  • Leadership skills for businesses that are growing
  • Email and customer service metrics—using analytics and data to improve customers’ interactions
  • Expert insights on email and customer service within specific industries, like restaurants and hospitality, nonprofits, fitness centers, and more

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