5 Nonprofit Communications Tips For Times of Crisis

For nonprofits, effective communication in a crisis is crucial. Not only to encourage those that rely on your services but for donors, employees and other nonprofits as well. Here are five communication tips to assure you are putting your best foot forward.

How to Get the Most Out of a Shared Email Account

What is a shared mailbox? A shared mailbox, or shared email account, allows your team to work in a single inbox at the same time, sending and receiving emails from the same email address. This is great for companies that need to answer customer emails and want to publish email addresses like info@ or sales@… Read more »

Coronavirus Impact: Asking Your Team to Work From Home? 13 Must-Have Tips and Tools for Managing Remote Teams

Coronavirus and the need for social distancing are having a major impact on the global workforce. If you’re one of the many companies asking your employees to work from home until the dust settles, then it’s important to make sure it’s a smooth transition.  There are several considerations you want to make, including equipment needs,… Read more »