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As you may already know, Zendesk recently announced that they’re going to remove their standalone email app, Zendesk Inbox, and existing customers are being asked to migrate to Zendesk Support.

Now is a good time to evaluate Zendesk Inbox alternatives like Outpost.

Truthfully, Zendesk does a great job offering full-stack solutions for robust customer service teams. However, customer service and ticketing tools like Zendesk Support offer pricey plans with features that your team may not actually use. Your team might not need ticketing, connected social channels, web widgets, workspaces, net promoter scores, time-tracking and project management integrations, macros, and more.

Those extras might seem nice, but do you really want to pay more money for features you won’t use? Sometimes, you simply need a straightforward email solution that your team can use to collaborate on shared inboxes like info@, support@, and sales@.

Outpost is that straightforward solution.

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With Outpost, you’ll get a simple shared inbox to help your team focus on providing great email customer support.

Outpost has the following features your team will actually use:

Outpost is built to make your team more collaborative and productive with email and is cheaper than most of Zendesk’s pricing plans. Plus, by being more productive with your team email, you can focus on delighting your customers with higher-quality support.

Learn more about Outpost’s features for customer service teams.

If you’d like a demo of Outpost or have further questions about how Outpost compares with Zendesk Support, you can schedule a call with one of our customer success guides.

Or, if your team uses Gmail, G Suite, or Office 365, you can start a free trial of Outpost today.

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Jonathan Michael

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