7 Proven Email Marketing Tips to Grow and Maintain a Clean Email List

Building a clean email marketing list is key to the success of your business. Here's how to create your own email marketing list in 7 steps.

There are approximately 4 billion email users in the world. Most people prefer using this digital form of communication. If you are the owner of a small business, creating and monitoring email marketing campaigns is a great idea. Making these campaigns successful will require lots of hard work and the creation of a comprehensive email list.

Failing to grow your email list over time can make expanding the reach of your business nearly impossible. Rather than allowing the competition to blow past you, it is time to work on your email list. Below are some things you can do to grow and maintain a clean email list.

1. Make sure your email addresses are legitimate

There are many different ways to get access to tons of email addresses. Many business owners buy these lists from companies that specialize in obtaining email addresses from consumers. Making sure the email addresses you get from a supplier are legitimate should be one of your main concerns. The best way to do this is by using one of the many email list verification tool options on the modern market.

These tools allow you to test and verify bulk lists of email addresses. By doing this, you can rest assured that your emails are being sent to actual consumers instead of addresses that aren’t being used. Before choosing an email verification tool, you have to do some research. Getting a tool that is both affordable and easy to use is crucial. Looking at the reviews a particular verification tool has received is important. This information can help you narrow down the list of available tools at your disposal in no time.

2. Create great content for your audience

Finding ways to grow the number of people who currently receive your business emails is more challenging than you probably realize. One of the best ways to grow your email list substantially is by investing in the creation of high-quality content. The content that you put out online can make or break your attempts to attract new customers. Developing written blog content, videos and social media posts is crucial when trying to get consumers interested in what you offer.

Every time you create and publish a piece of content, you need to include a contact form on the page in question. Providing consumers with an opportunity to give you their contact information is crucial when trying to build your audience. If the content you provide a person impresses or informs them, they will have no problem providing you with an email address. As time goes by, these email addresses will start to add up.

If you lack the time or experience needed to create your own digital content, you need to hire marketing professionals to assist you. A content marketing agency will be able to produce and publish new content for your business without you having to lift a finger. The money paid for this professional help is worth it considering the online reputation it can help you build for your business.

Scheduling a few consultations with the marketing agencies in your area is vital if you want to make an educated hire. Preparing a list of questions to ask each of the marketing agencies can help you stay on track and get the information you need to make your decision.

3. Know how to avoid email spam filters

Getting your emails flagged as spam can set you back considerably when it comes to your email marketing campaigns. If a number of people mark your emails as spam, you will have a hard time getting your message to new consumers. Most business owners fail to realize that most spam filters look for certain words when trying to determine which messages to flag.

For instance, if you are using words in your emails like bargain, free, or apply now, it might get you flagged. This is why you need to be extremely careful when it comes to the language you use in these emails. You also need to avoid including attachments and large images in your emails. These elements also tend to get flagged by email providers as spam-like. Staying up to speed on how modern spam filters work can help you achieve your email marketing goals in no time.

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4. Avoid sending email from a DoNotReply address

There are times when you don’t want customers to respond to a given email. So you use a DoNotReply address for order confirmations, broad sales promotions, etc. The only issue is that this type of address is often unmonitored or ignored by your team, and potentially important customer interactions are completely being missed.

In some cases, the messages customers want you to see may never even end up in your inbox. They simply see the DoNotReply, and do just that. Even if the question or response they were going to send has nothing to do with the email you sent, you’re missing out on an opportunity to connect your sales team with customers.  

So rather than sending customers to the black hole of email responses, provide an email address that they can easily reach. And to keep you and your team sane through this process, start branching out the number of email addresses you use to make responses more specific. This can keep the channel open for customers while naturally filtering responses to different inboxes.

5. Remove errors from your current email list

Successful business owners realize the importance of checking and optimizing their email lists. As you look through your email list, you need to pay close attention to any errors that might exist. Misspelled email addresses will not work properly, which is why removing them from your list is so crucial. There are a number of email verification tools on the market that check for common mistakes.

While cleaning up your email list manually is time-consuming, it is worth the effort. By removing errors from your existing email list, you can rest assured that your messages are getting to the consumers that want them.

6. Offer consumers incentives for providing their email addresses

You need to realize that most modern consumers are bombarded with requests for their personal information every time they get online. If you want a positive reaction from a consumer when trying to get their contact information, you need to offer them something for their troubles. Many companies have found that offering consumers an incentive for their email addresses is an effective way to grow their email list over time.

In most cases, you will need to offer discounts on the products/services you offer to get your hands on a consumer’s email address. Not only will this help you get the information you seek, it will also help you sell more products/services over time. Before you start offering incentives for email addresses, consult with your existing customers to see what type of rewards they would want for this information. By polling your existing customers, you can get the right incentives in place to grow your list.

7. Following-up is important

After a person provides you with their email address, you need to follow-up with them in a hurry. Sending a follow-up email thanking the consumer for opting into your email marketing campaign is a fantastic idea. This will show the consumer that your business will work hard to meet their needs and keep them loyal.

You also need to get in the habit of following up with people after they have bought your products/services for the first time. During this follow-up, be sure to ask the consumer for feedback on their experience with your company. This feedback can help you optimize the way you do business and serve customers.

It’s time to get to work

As you can see, growing and maintaining a clean email list is very difficult. With some hard work and the help of seasoned professionals, you can bring your email messages to the masses. Ignoring the need for a comprehensive and clean email list can lead to you losing your competitive edge.

Rather than losing customers, you need to reach out to them via email. Letting a potential customer know what your business has to offer can entice them to use your products/services. When handled correctly, email marketing campaigns can help you generate tons of new sales leads. 

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