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Outpost Customer Stories

GroceryHero Canada Fights COVID-19 “Day one: there’s no training, there’s no adjustment to the process or how we think or work — Outpost’s just going to work.” – Hemanth Soni, Co-Founder, GroceryHero Canada Thanks to their Outpost shared inbox, GroceryHero Canada has been able to scale up a free grocery delivery service for frontline medical… Read more »

Save Time on Email With Outpost’s Routing Rules

Outpost’s new routing rules feature offers huge time savings when it comes to email management, so you can cut down on those repetitive tasks and focus on quicker, better replies to your prospects and customers—and a better overall customer experience.

Outpost Is Now Compatible With All Email Providers

Up until now, you’ve only been able to use Outpost with Gmail, G Suite, or Office 365 email accounts. Our newest update has made Outpost available to any team using any email service provider. It’s an exciting new development, and we can’t wait to see your team use Outpost to manage your shared inboxes.

Outpost: A Zendesk Inbox Alternative

Outpost is built to make your team more collaborative and productive with email and is cheaper than most of Zendesk’s pricing plans. Here’s why Outpost is a great Zendesk Inbox alternative, and how it can help your customer service team.