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Gmail Shared Inbox: Your Sharing Options Explained

Most businesses have at least one group email address like and sharing that Gmail inbox with multiple employees can help ensure that customers always get a timely response. While Google itself doesn’t offer an official way to create a shared inbox in Gmail, you have a few options to solve the problem of managing your team email.

Outpost Customer Stories

Accolution Simplified Their Firm’s Email and Increased Efficiency “The setup is fabulous. It’s just way easier. When we set up a new client we immediately add the email address into Outpost.” – Dan Cadieux, Owner, Accolution Outpost has helped this virtual accounting services firm streamline their processes so they can spend less time on email […]

Save Time on Email With Outpost’s Routing Rules

Outpost’s new routing rules feature offers huge time savings when it comes to email management, so you can cut down on those repetitive tasks and focus on quicker, better replies to your prospects and customers—and a better overall customer experience.