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How to Get the Most Out of a Shared Email Account

What is a shared mailbox? A shared mailbox, or shared email account, allows your team to work in a single inbox at the same time, sending and receiving emails from the same email address. This is great for companies that need to answer customer emails and want to publish email addresses like info@ or sales@… Read more »

Coronavirus Impact: Asking Your Team to Work From Home? 13 Must-Have Tips and Tools for Managing Remote Teams

Coronavirus and the need for social distancing are having a major impact on the global workforce. If you’re one of the many companies asking your employees to work from home until the dust settles, then it’s important to make sure it’s a smooth transition.  There are several considerations you want to make, including equipment needs,… Read more »

How to set up a Google Groups Collaborative Inbox + Pro Tips

If you’re trying to share Gmail for a team email like info@ or support@, a Google Groups collaborative inbox can help solve that problem. With a collaborative inbox in Google Groups, you can assign emails to team members, just like a task. And, just like tasks, you can “resolve” emails when they are complete. Using… Read more »

Gmail Shared Inbox: Your Sharing Options Explained

Most businesses have at least one group email address like and sharing that Gmail inbox with multiple employees can help ensure that customers always get a timely response. While Google itself doesn’t offer an official way to create a shared inbox in Gmail, you have a few options to solve the problem of managing… Read more »