How This Accounting Firm Simplified Email and Increased Efficiency With Outpost

Learn how online accounting this online accounting firm, turned email into their strongest productivity, collaboration and onboarding tool with Outpost.

Accolution, a virtual accounting firm with clients around the world, has been growing steadily since 2014. But their growth added complexity when managing client email and the team began to suffer from inefficient processes and ineffective tools.

With Outpost, they’ve been able to simplify their email setup, onboard clients more smoothly, streamline processes to maximize team efficiency, and lay the groundwork for continued growth.

Before Outpost:With Outpost:
Logging in and out of multiple
Gmail and Office 365 mailboxes.
One login to access all mailboxes.
Inconsistent client onboarding.
Streamlined client onboarding.
Inefficient team processes.
Increased team efficiency.
Too much time managing email.
More time to focus on client work.
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Meet Accolution — A virtual accounting firm

In 2014, Dan Cadieux started Accolution, a bookkeeping and virtual CFO accounting firm in Adelaide, Australia. The company has grown significantly every year since its launch and now serves companies around the world. However, their exciting growth also brought additional complexity to their operations and client management.

Because Accolution essentially becomes a company’s accounting department, they were managing dozens of accounting@ email inboxes for their clients. This brought in an onslaught of time-consuming and unwieldy tasks for their team of bookkeepers and account managers. Logging in and out of more than a dozen Gmail and Office 365 inboxes, depending on the client and that day’s work, became a headache for everyone.

“It was very challenging,” Dan says. “We were constantly logging in and out of email accounts to try and manage client emails on their behalf. We needed a tool where we could manage multiple email accounts from one place, have them all there on one tab or on one screen, and switch from one mailbox to the other without any challenge—without passwords logging out and logging in.”

As a future-minded founder, Dan recognized that their email problem was only going to get worse as they grew. The process of handling client email was clunky, and technology was getting in the way of his team’s ability to do actual client work. Accolution needed a better system and a better process, so Dan set out to find a solution.

Helpdesk Software & Ticketing Can’t Fix Email

Once Dan began looking for an email management solution, he encountered another problem. Too many tools try to “modernize email” by making it a workplace communication platform or by turning it into a ticketing system. 

“It was a huge issue. So many of those helpdesk or service desk based tools turn everything into a ticket and don’t work like email. We really needed something that worked just like an email address where we could reply to people, attach things, add people to the conversation, forward to an outside address, etc.”

The Accolution team really just needed an email tool that was designed for team collaboration. Their requirements weren’t complicated, but finding the right tool was difficult—until they found Outpost.

An Email Tool Perfectly Designed for Teams

As Dan recalls, “The beauty of Outpost was that we could get all the email addresses in there that we manage, and yet it has the very feel and functionality of email. That is critical to how we deal with the email addresses of our clients.”

“When we first looked at Outpost, we thought ‘this just works.’ It was easy. So I thought, ‘wow, this is what we’re looking for.’”

With a focus on how teams collaborate on email, Outpost had everything the Accolution team needed to succeed. “We needed it to be able to work across time zones and across different team members. We needed collision alerts, where if one person was typing a response, that email would be locked for others.”

Plus, with unlimited mailboxes, Outpost was built to scale with Accolution. According to Dan, “The ability to manage a lot of client mailboxes is important for us because we see that portion of our business continuing to grow.”

“When we first looked at it, we thought ‘this just works.’ We both had access to the same email address. We could see what was happening. There were no conflicts as to who was emailing and who wasn’t because Outpost took care of that. And it was easy. So I thought, ‘wow, this is what we’re looking for.’”

Smoother Client Onboarding

With Outpost, the Accolution team is able to seamlessly onboard new clients. As Dan explains, “The setup is fabulous. It’s just way easier when we set up a new client, we immediately add the email address into Outpost. We assign team members to it, and there’s no further thought to how that email address and that client is going to be managed. Outpost takes care of it for us. We all know how it works and move forward.”

“[Outpost has] really helped eliminate those headaches.”

He continues, “it’s really helped eliminate those headaches of who’s setting things up, when they’re going to do it, or whether we need to check if they’ve done it. Outpost just does it for us.”

Simplicity and Flexibility = Better Processes

As the owner and general manager, Dan’s goal is to provide his team with tools to make their work more efficient and productive. For Dan, that’s a key value of Outpost, “it helps immensely when managing email addresses on behalf of clients. If there’s an inbox that you need to manage and you need multiple people to have access to it, Outpost takes care of that seamlessly.”

“What Outpost brings is simplicity around email management and increased efficiency for how our team operates.”

The success of their accounting firm also relies on clearly defined processes that keep the team from getting bogged down by non-essential tasks.

“The processes that we’ve built in Outpost around how to manage client emails just makes it very simple for us.” Dan continues, “From a managerial perspective, it just gives that nice, quick overview to see what’s happening and what’s not happening.”

“It’s also flexible enough with tags, archiving, starring, and different folders that it allows you to build some processes that work for your company. What Outpost brings to our accounting firm is simplicity around email management and increased efficiency for how our team operates.”

Want to learn more?

Traditional email wasn’t designed for teams. That’s why we built Outpost: to make your shared inboxes truly collaborative.

With Outpost, your team can work together in the same inbox, without sharing passwords or stepping on each other’s toes. Outpost is simple because shared email should be. Team up on email, stay organized and take better care of your clients.

If you’re interested, you can start a free trial of Outpost today, or schedule a custom tour to learn how Outpost will help you save time and get more done. 

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